Think CX:Digital Leaders Tell All, Part 6

Catalyzing Your Digital Transformation: Start with the User Journey

Building a modern-day digital operation is easier said than done. That’s why we’ve called in the experts to talk about all things digital transformation and how companies are driving digital growth. Hear from three leaders who have led digital optimization projects at companies like Verizon Wireless, Saks Fifth Avenue, Toys “R” Us, Gilt, and Best Buy. You’ll learn:

Topics Discussed

  • How to create processes that will enable you to meet customers’ demands in real-time 
  • Why companies need to look at culture, technology, and talent in their quest to digitally transform
  • How experimentation (beyond just A/B testing) can help you fuel digital growth
  • Why the consumer and their journey need to be at the center of your digital strategy
  • How to push the boundaries of marketing fundamentals as things become more digital




Ning Gao linkedin-icon-mars

Digital Experience Optimization & Personalization, Verizon Consumer Group


Milton Pappas linkedin-icon-mars

Former Chief Digital Officer,
RTW Retailwinds


Michael Scharff linkedin-icon-mars



Ning Gao, who leads digital optimization at Verizon Wireless, joined the company two years ago to improve the customer experience. After advocating for and helping implement a company-wide culture of experimentation, she found this had far bigger implications — experimentation has actually served as a catalyst for Verizon’s digital transformation. 

Milton Pappas is also no stranger to digital transformation, having worked as the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) for New York & Company, SVP of Digital Marketing and CMO of Hudson’s Bay, and in a variety of other retail leadership roles. Milton’s passions include creating truly personalized digital experiences and hiring the right people to create a culture of innovation.