Why the Customer Experience Demands Optimization at AI Scale


In today's environment, companies are looking more than ever to bolster resilience and drive revenue through their digital channels. But customer preferences are fluid, and the world of digital moves at an often frantic pace with many changing factors from seasonality to visitor demographics, competitive threats, and emergencies. In order to stay relevant, companies must be agile and constantly look for the best way to achieve a customer experience that keeps visitors buying and coming back.

Optimization has been around for years, and the use of AI is opening up a whole new way to identify ways to constantly improve the customer experience and drive sustainable growth. Join speakers from Evolv and Frost & Sullivan as they discuss:

  • What is key to achieving success and resilience against a backdrop of nearly endless possibilities, constant change, and unpredictability.
  • Why the testing industrial complex – the testing tools, conversion “experts”, and experimentation teams that love them – cannot solve this problem.
  • How AI can fundamentally improve a company’s ability to offer the most useful customer journeys.
  • How Evolv became a global leader in Customer Experience Optimization Technology
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Why the Customer Experience Demands Optimization at AI Scale



Director of Consulting, Frost & Sullivan

Steve Bamberger

Former President & COO, Evolv AI

Tyler Foster

CTO, Evolv AI