Make first impressions count with the ability to automate landing page optimization

Improve post-click engagement and return on ad spend (ROAS) through AI-driven experimentation and personalization that aligns customer experiences (CX) with targeted digital ads.

  • Automatically generate hundreds of unique ad aligned experiences on a single landing page
  • Personalize experiences in real-time to increase engagement and progression in the customer journey
  • Learn from real user behavior at every touchpoint to predict the next best steps to achieve desired outcomes

The best approach to landing page optimization is for it to be part of a bigger customer experience (CX) improvement strategy.

How AI-driven experience optimization works to improve landing page optimization:

  1. Marketers create experiences for paid visitors:
    From a base landing page experience, variations are created to optimize different elements on the page.

  2. AI creates and tests the combinations from the experiences and learns what converts:
    AI algorithms rapidly find and serve the best experiences, removing poorer performing experiences along the way. This generates valuable insights that inform future optimizations.

  3. Automatically target each visitor:
    Once the best experiences are found, AI-driven experimentation and personalization continues to optimize experiences with the ability to add new content or UX ideas.

Delight and connect with customers by serving relevant, personalized content at the right time.

Landing page optimization or post-click optimization is a form of personalization made possible with AI-driven experience optimization. It improves the performance of landing pages linked to digital ads through AI-driven experimentation without the need to create individual landing pages for each ad source. Instead, AI identifies which ad the visitor originated from and tailors the experience with ad-relevant information to improve personalization.

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Improve ROAS with AI-driven experience optimization for landing pages


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