A/B Testing Revolutionized

Experimentation on websites has traditionally been limited to A/B testing. However, most A/B tests do not produce positive results, and most companies do not have the necessary resources or traffic levels to run the number of A/B tests required to see a consistent ROI for money spent on website optimization.

Industry standards for A/B testing show that typically only 10 to 20% of tests find improved performance. This puts great importance on prioritizing which hypotheses to test and requires increased testing velocity to find improved performance.

Evolv AI uses artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the ROI of experimentation by increasing both test velocity and win-rate without increasing manual resources dedicated to optimization.

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  • How website experimentation can optimize faster with AI
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  • How to optimize lots of changes across a multi-page funnel and journey
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A/B Testing Revolutionized
How to leverage AI and ML to continually improve CX