Evolve from Google Optimize and go from A/B testing to AI

Intelligent digital experiences—transformative results

Not all goodbyes have to be hard. Many medium and large-sized companies that are serious about growth need a tool that goes beyond the limitations of Google Optimize.

See what an upgrade to Evolv AI can do for your bottom line:

  • Move away from A/B to AI: AI will decrease your time to value by maximizing velocity and automating decision-making.
  • Exponential experimentation at scale: No more caps on concurrent tests or goals. Run thousands of tests across the entire customer journey optimizing visual elements button styling, background images, slider treatment, and more.
  • Targeted segmentation on the fly: Apply automatic segmentation, targeted segmentation and real-time insights to uncover new segmentation opportunities. AI lets you use real-time data to build advanced targeting
  • Real-time optimization: With real-time performance monitoring of AI-driven experimentation, at scale, you can use your traffic and time more efficiently to drive outcomes. Rid of poor performing experiments on the fly, get more granular on the experiments improving your conversion rates, and meet the KPIs your organization is working to achieve. 
  • Expert services: No more strategizing and  troubleshooting on your own, Evolv’s dedicated team of experts will help you onboard, operate, and activate your insights as you need it.

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