Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Research on Customer Experience Optimization

In industries that primarily rely on online sales, conversion failure is the most serious source of leakage. Online experiences leak far too many customers, and online conversion is a fraction of offline (in-store) conversion. 

“Customer preferences are fluid, and traditional segmentation based on static demographics has become obsolete. Artificial intelligence offers an immense opportunity to maximize revenue through digital channels and optimize customer satisfaction.”

– Alexander Michael, Senior Director of Consulting, Frost & Sullivan

Evolv has an effective client acquisition methodology which identifies the areas in need of development. Discovering and perfecting more winning ideas for straightforward customer experience (CX) improvements goes a long way towards addressing revenue leakages, harvesting quick gains, and catalyzing growth.

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  • Why a consistent, all-encompassing approach to CX has never been more important
  • The importance of fixing revenue leakages before launching major business development projects
  • AI’s profound impact on a company’s ability to serve the best customer journey
  • How Evolv became a global leader in Customer Experience Optimization Technology
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Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Research on Customer Experience Optimization